We Bid Farewell to Al Russell, Director of Chaplaincy

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][text_output]193Al Russell will be retiring later this year, but it was decided to celebrate his 21 years of service to CBAmerica ministries and chaplaincy at the upcoming CBNW Annual Enrichment Conference. This is one of the largest gatherings of Conservative Baptists and you are invited to attend. The convention is March 9-11, and the retirement ceremony will take place during the evening session on Tuesday, March 10, 2015, at the Convention Center in Seaside Oregon. (See article below)

GO HERE for details and to register for the conference.

We plan to present them with gifts that they will find meaningful; one a framed painting, “The Way to Emmaus,” that will come with an engraved brass plaque honoring their service. Another gift we would like to present is a check for $6,800 towards the purchase of a three-wheeled vehicle. With changes in Carol’s health, Al had to give up the motorcycle they used to ride for pleasure. Al believes this will be a safe and fun way for them to travel in retirement, as it is light, economical, and easily towed behind their RV.

The CBA Board has authorized a special offering for the purchase of these gifts totaling $7,000. You are invited to participate in this “love offering.” We would also like to present a memory book with letters and photos of the Russells’ ministry over the years.

Please send checks payable to CBA or items for inclusion in the memory book to the CBAmerica office at 3686 Stagecoach Rd Unit F, Longmont CO 80504. Please mark everything “Russell Retirement.”[/text_output][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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  1. Al,

    President John F. Kennedy quoted this in remarks to members of the First Armored Division, Fort Stewart, Georgia, November 26, 1962: “Many years ago, according to the story, there was found in a sentry box in Gibraltar a poem which said:
    God and the soldier, all men adore
    In time of danger and not before
    When the danger is passed and all things righted,
    God is forgotten and the soldier slighted.
    This country does not forget God or the soldier. Upon both we now depend. Thank you.”

    Al, this poem has made a great impression upon me over the years. You have been the embodiment of one who does not forget but vigorously remembers and serves both God and our soldiers. Thank you for your godly example and your diligence in providing leadership, guidance, encouragement and direction. I have wonderful memories of your visits and times at various conferences. I recall so well your sponsoring a poor country chaplain from Missouri to attend such a stimulating and exalting Promise Keepers for Pastors and church leaders in Atlanta. It was so encouraging to see such a group of godly leaders be challenged to faithfully serve the Lord in their respective arenas.

    I so much appreciate your staying on the cutting edge of ministry even while serving as our leader. It involve great sacrifice.

    Ellie and I enjoyed so much your and Carol’s visits. Ellie was just reminding me of our conversation revolving around identity theft since we had just been victims ourselves. We admired your dogged tenacity as you shared how you went after the villain who had stolen yours some time before. You were not to be consoled by the bank’s response that there was little they could do. Wrong answer.

    Your last visit to California of which we were part was at our home church. You made us proud. What an inspiring and encouraging account you gave about how God was working through our CBA chaplains.

    Ellie and I wish you God’s best as you enjoy your retirement. May He continue to bless you richly.

    With our love,

    CH Gerry Fox

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