Urgent Text from Chaplain Brian Hargis

hargis1Chaplain Brian Hargis, Schofield Barracks, HI

Sunday, November 27, 2106 (11:12 AM MMS)

Bro. Andy, [and members, friends & supporters of CBAmerica Chaplaincy]

Today I become the senior pastor of a new congregation/Chapel here in Hawaii. Blessed to see it grow from 15 to 66 in two months.  The command chaplain (Colonel) for the post was going to shut it down, but God sent me to plow.

Expecting 100 today and so much more as we launch a new theme for all the Army Installations in April. This is a huge project – eventually every US Army base will use our template to grow a congregation like ours.  Talk about church planting in the Army!

hargis2I’m bringing in the Deputy Chief of Chaplains (Brigadier General Solhjem – a Baptist) at the Pentagon, and the installation Chaplain at Fort Campbell, KY (Colonel Murphy, another Baptist) and some other heavy hitters in the Chaplain Corps to preach a revival and to help launch it.

The theme is IMPACT.  God making an impact in us so that we can IMPACT our community and the world.

The last time a [US Army] Chapel theme was launched was 1999. The theme was “Chapel Next,” taking the “next step.”  Chapel Next is still around at most every Army Installation, but IMPACT Chapel will be the new theme encouraging a deeper relationship with God, a deeper dive into Scripture, and a deeper concentration on Service.  Time is short, and it’s time to get off the pews and make an IMPACT.

hargis3I can’t tell you how big this may be as God gets behind our prayers to work by, with, and through us to IMPACT the Army.  I’m super excited and humbled to have this opportunity.

Please tell CBAmerica that I need them now more than ever, because Satan certainly wants to keep our IMPACT minimal. But…greater is He who in in us….


Brian Hargis Chaplain, Captain, US Army Senior Pastor (Protestant) MHR Chapel Schofield Barracks, HI


Chaplain Andy adds:  Please join me in praying for the Holy Spirit’s guidance, empowerment and blessing on this new “Army Chaplaincy Initiative.”  For more stories of God working in and through CBAmerica chaplains, go to http://cbamerica.org/category/chaplaincy/

2 Replies to “Urgent Text from Chaplain Brian Hargis”

  1. Chaplain Andy and friends,

    God is good! We are continuing to increase at IMPACT chapel, Hawaii. Last week we had 88 which is really good considering we started with 15 just three months ago! Sunday and Wednesday evenings we canvassed the neighborhood with caroling and invited families to join us. We are diligently making an IMPACT with God’s help.

    Our goals:
    A deeper dive in to SCRIPTURE.
    A deeper impact through SERVICE.
    A deeper relationship with the SAVIOR.

    Pray for our Christmas Eve Service on 24 DEC at 6pm. CH (MAJ) Brandon Moore will be the guest speaker.

    Check out of FB page… https://www.facebook.com/IMPACTforGOD/?hc_ref=SEARCH&fref=nf

    For God and Country,
    Brian Hargis

  2. Friends,

    Thanks for your prayers concerning the Christmas Eve Service. CH (MAJ) Brandon Moore delivered a great message about our “PRESENT” being God’s “PRESENCE.”

    You can watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H2aaZ_Xmix8

    We have been soooooo blessed to see new families coming every week! God’s presence is so real and exciting, so thank you for having a part in this great ministry.

    Next news, I am recovering from back surgery and today was the first day I was able to get into the water here in Hawaii. While enjoying the beach with the family, a newlywed lost his wedding ring and searched over an hour to find it. I’ve been to the beach scuba diving, and figured that it would be impossible to find the ring in the cloudy, sandy, murky, swirling water….but when I walked out into the water waist deep, I was basically standing right over it! I think the Lord did that for him!

    I appreciate your prayers on this recovery. Hope to get back to running soon.
    Brian Hargis

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