Mission and Vision

Who is “CBA”?


CBA Champions Great Commission fulfillment through mssional networks


Gospel-centered transformational churches in every community

Values of our movement…


bold gospel advancement with humble cultural engagement.

Our conviction is we must be bold in engaging our culture with the gospel of Jesus Christ, with a humility that we too need to be transformed by that same gospel message. The gospel applied to all of life will lead us to loving God, and loving our neighbor, including caring for “the least of these.” We are committed to an expanding gospel movement through empowering local church leaders and churches to  advance the gospel in their communities.   

Relationally Committed

local church identity with collaborative interdependence

Our conviction is that a healthy effective local church is essential for the gospel to flourish. While locally self-governing, the church and its leaders serve best in generous and cooperative interdependent relationships with other like-minded ministries and leaders. Our mission is more effective as we serve together.

Biblically Focused

Biblical faithfulness with missional application

Our missional movement must be shaped by the truth and grace of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are committed and agree together to the core doctrines of Scripture, acknowledging our theological heritage while celebrating a variety of contextualized ministry forms.

Disciple Making

multiplying the new while strengthening the established

Acts is the story of the gospel creating believers, believers forming community, elders raised and established, these churches proclaiming the gospel to create more believers, and more churches. The apostles and others also returned to strengthen and challenge the established churches toward practical, doctrinal, and missional obedience. We share that same passion.

Are you an either/or church, or a both/and church?