Retirement Program

CBAmerica is excited to offer a unique retirement plan for church staff members through GuideStone Financial Resources. The plan is offered as part of CB Northwest’s 50-year commitment to a secure retirement investment platform for churches, pastors, staff, and missionaries and is now available to all churches in the CBAmerica network.

GuideStone is one of the nation’s largest providers of employee benefits and financial services, working with 36,000 churches and nearly 600 ministries to offer retirement plans customized to help employees reach their individual financial goals.

Award Winning Program

The entire GuideStone Funds® family won the Lipper Fund Award for 2019 Best Overall Small Company over 3 years (out of 29 eligible as of November 30, 2018). Based on risk-adjusted total return.  We believe this recognizes the heart of our philosophy and process.  We are pretty excited about this recognition and wanted to pass this on to you!  This would be additional information you could include in the information you want to provide to the employees.  See the link below.

This is the 2nd time that GuideStone Funds won a Lipper award.  Out first recognition as the Best Overall Small Fund Family came in 2012 for the Best Overall Small Company Award (out of 182 eligible fund families as of November 30, 2011).

Who is eligible?

  • Employees receiving taxable income from a participating CBAmerica church or ministry.
  • Contributions can be made by the employer, employee or both.
  • Salary-reduced contributions can be made as tax-deferred or Roth.

What are the costs?

  • There are no costs to the local church/ministry for participation and no required minimum contributions.

Why GuideStone?

  • Values-Based Investments: GuideStone sponsors the nation’s largest Christian-screened mutual fund family — GuideStone Funds — which provides you with socially responsible investing options that align with your values.
  • Minister’s Tax Benefits: GuideStone offers a 403(b)(9) church retirement plan, allowing distributions as housing allowance in retirement for employees who qualify as Ministers for Tax Purposes.
  • Personalized Services: GuideStone’s team of personal financial advisors is available to deliver customized advice to participants, including asset allocation, contribution planning, gap analysis, Social Security maximization and more. GuideStone’s Customer Service Center of trained specialists is also available by phone, email or chat Monday through Friday between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. – allowing for secure, knowledgeable conversations.
  • Targeted Educational Resources: Informative and timely employee resources are available via webinar, newsletter or by accessing a personalized MyGuideStone™
GuideStone has made available several new webcasts that may be helpful to the churches affiliated with CBAmerica.  These webcasts were hosted by several of our Advisors and Relationship Managers.  They have produced a series of webinars called, Retirement Is Changing.  Within the series, there are several special topics to help our plan participants.
Topics included in the webcast are:
  • Preparing for Retirement Overview
  • Saving & Budgeting
  • The Solution is Simple – tips on money management
  • Withdrawal Strategies
  • Social Security Considerations
  • Are You Properly Invested?
  • The Female Factor – Women and Investing

GuideStone’s Webcast Calendar

Some of the webcasts have already taken place and were recorded for plan participants to view at their convenience.  Some are scheduled for the future and anyone can register for these webcasts.  If you would like to listen to any of the webcasts or pre-register for future webcasts, please visit

Contact Information:

  • Non-Participating Churches:

Dixie Beard
Director of Business Development & Marketing Division

GuideStone Financial Resources
2401 Cedar Springs Road, Texas 75201-1498
214-720-4661  Office
866-692-6327 Fax

  • Participating Churches:

Contact GuideStone at 1-888-98-GUIDE (1-888-984-8433) or log into GuideStone’s Employer Access Program (EAP).

  • Current Participants:

Contact GuideStone at 1-888-98-GUIDE (1-888-984-8433) or log into your MyGuideStone account.

For more information, visit