Ministry Positions

Senior/Solo Pastor Positions

Bethlehem Church

Posted April 30, 2020

Bethlehem Church, located in Hampden, Massachusetts, exists to help people live their lives connected to Jesus. For over 135 years (100 years in two locations in Springfield, MA and 35 years in two Hampden locations-new building in 2015), it has been impacting the area with an unwavering allegiance to God’s Word. Bethlehem is settled in a conservative Baptist tradition and has recently affiliated with the Baptist Convention of New England (BCNE). Bethlehem is a single-site congregation with one weekend service where around 400 gather to amplify the name of Jesus. The key to Bethlehem’s impact and influence is remaining faithful to the Word of God in preaching while coming alongside people in all stages of life. As a multi-generational church, impactful ministry exists for children, teens, and adults.

We are looking for a person to

  • Teach and preach Biblical truth with remarkable communication skills for transformation
  • Champion a clear and compelling vision to reach people with the Gospel
  • Rightly divide God’s Word and be tactful and relevant to communicate His truth in love
  • Love, lead, and develop people as they walk with Jesus
  • Advance the mission of Bethlehem through visionary and organizational leadership
  • Develop Biblically strong and unified staff and leaders


  • Ordained Minister
  • M.Div. or Th.M. degree from an accredited seminary, Doctorate ideal
  • 5+ years of relevant pastoral experience in a growing church, Lead Pastor ideal
  • Committed to the mission and values of Bethlehem 
  • In agreement with Bethlehem’s Constitution and By-Laws
  • With a preaching type of mainly Expository and some topical.

Contact Person: Joyce Hampton

Phone: 413-218-6991


New Hope Baptist Church

Dexter ME

Posted 2/18/2020

Looking for an Assistant Pastor with the goal of transitioning to lead pastor after a period of mentoring and coaching by our current pastor and the elders.

He shall devote himself to prayer preaching and teaching giving pastoral care and with the elders take the lead in overseeing all the ministries of the church.  He will be a member of the church.  He shall work with the elders in formulating a ministry strategy to fulfill the Mission of the Church and ensure all ministries are aligned with our Core Values.

Someone with a good track record of ministry, either pastoral experience or lay. He must be willing to be mentored and serve under our current pastor and the elders as an assistant or associate for a time – up to a year, transitioning to lead pastor role if all goes well.

A gentle shepherd who will come alongside to work with us in carrying out our mission who will get involved in the community as he learns the culture of New Hope and Dexter.  NOT someone who comes in with his own agenda or vision before getting to know us.

Contact: John Johnston (current pastor)

207-277-5251 – cell or 207-924-7419 – church

Cambridge Baptist Church

Cambridge Maine

Posted 1/9/2020

Cambridge Baptist Church is a small but vibrant congregation located in a rural community of 450 people in central Maine. Nearby towns include Harmony, Dexter, Guilford, and Newport. Cambridge is fifty miles northwest from the city of Bangor, Maine’s third largest city. Cambridge Baptist’s current membership is approximately 50 people. Sunday School has an average attendance of around 30 including children. The Morning Worship service has an average attendance of about 40 adults. The Wednesday evening Prayer Meeting has about 10 people who attend faithfully.

Contact Person: Thomas Floyd


Lawndale Baptist Church

Northeast Philadelphia

Posted 11/25/2019

Lawndale Baptist Church is prayerfully seeking a gifted and godly man called by God to be the full time pastor of our church.

Lawndale Baptist Church is located in the Northeast section of Philadelphia.

Our shepherd needs to have the biblical qualifications as outlined in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9.  He should be ordained by a recognized, responsible church body, and he should be a member in good standing of his current church. The ideal candidate should preferably have a Master of Divinity or similar seminary degree, and he should have previous pastoral experience as an assistant, associate, senior, or solo pastor.  He must embrace and hold to the doctrines as stated in the Doctrinal Statement of Lawndale Baptist Church.

For more information visit their website. 

If you are interested in exploring whether the Lord might be calling you to shepherd His flock here at Lawndale, please contact us at Please tell us a little about yourself and attach your resume/curriculum vitae as a pdf or MS Word document. We look forward to hearing from you!

The Baptist Church of Perry

Perry NY

Posted 7/17/2019

The Baptist Church of Perry is an evangelical rural local church in a beautiful area of Western New York. We  take seriously our privilege to glorify God by enjoying His gifts together; His Son, His Spirit, His Word, and His Gospel. We prize correct doctrine (tending towards reformed theology), our freedom in Christ (minimizing legalism), our unity as the Body of Christ (even in our business meetings), our ministry one to another (high proportion of involved members in ministries), and our times of fellowship and prayer. We are committed to keeping a large missions budget (27% of our church budget goes to our 17 missionary couples). We communicate actively with our missionaries weekly to be able to pray for them which they constantly tell us is unique among their supporting churches. We are privileged to be made up of a variety of ages, intellectual abilities, and educational levels. We are not a racially diverse congregation due to the demographic make-up of the community. We are sometimes discouraged that we are not growing in numbers. Our dress has become on average more casual over time. We enjoy blended worship styles together; our occasional a Capella hymn verse sounds pretty good. We offer children’s ministry in the form of Sunday School, AWANA, and Youth Group. We find our faith and confidence in God’s provision for us to be solid as we face trials together of lost loved ones, a darkening culture around us, and this first pastoral transition in 27 years.

We anticipate that our Pastor will have some giftedness in preaching as a main task but will also come with some enthusiasm for visitation and for challenging us in areas like evangelism. We will view him as a fellow laborer in the Kingdom in which we each serve an essential role.  We would love to enjoy a closeness with his wife and family. A Pastor with young children might help us reach younger families. We would also prefer to have our next Pastor called to serve with us here in Perry for a long time, God willing; one who waits on and relies on God in these challenging times while promoting faith that rests on His Spirit rather than ourselves.

Our constitution expresses that our Pastor shall be a competent preacher full of the Spirit, be a wise leader, be devoted to prayer and the study of the Word and hold doctrinal convictions consistent with the Confession of Faith and acceptable to the Elders. A Pastor shall preach and equip the saints for the work of ministry.  He shall provide for the ordinances, weddings, funerals, pastoral counseling, and ministry to the sick and dying.  He may be a member of all boards and committees as needed.  As a chief Elder, a Pastor shall be responsible to lead the Elders of the church in fulfilling together their duties as a voting member of the Elders, including directing the affairs of the church, consulting together regarding doctrinal questions that arise, pursuing our purpose as a church, assessing our shortcomings, and protecting our unity.  The Elders assist in the administration of church ordinances and share pastoral responsibility for the congregation.

Contact Person:

Eric Drumma


North Baptist Church

Corning NY

Posted 4/2/2019

We are an independent Baptist Church. We are concluding an Intentional Interim Process and now searching for a Senior Pastor.  North Baptist Church has worked through a five-stage process including conflict resolution, identity discovery and organizational restructure.

He shall fulfill the qualifications outlined in First Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-11. He shall demonstrate wholehearted commitment to Jesus Christ and to the Statement of Faith, Purpose, Mission, Biblical Core Values, Vision, Constitution and Bylaws and Operational Documents of North Baptist Church.

He must have a clear testimony of salvation and proven track record of Christian living as taught in First Timothy 3 and Titus 1. He must demonstrate the spiritual gifting, abilities and calling to effectively teach, preach, equip and lead the Church in serving the community and sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Contact Person:

Len Robinson


Cornerstone Baptist Church

East Durham NY

Posted 10/10/18

Our church motto is “Saved to Serve,” and this is what we hope to express to others and particularly to our local community. Our chuch family consists of approximately 55 individuals, many of which are children!  We are located in a small rural, predominately Irish/Catholic, community. We strive to have our church building doors open to all and have hosted several community events.  Our church family is friendly, warm, and welcoming and we have been told that this is the overall feeling that individuals have when visiting with us!

We are looking for a part-time pastor who is a born-again believer and a preacher of the fundamental doctrines of the Bible. He shall state his belief without mental reservations.  He must be an ordained or licensed Baptist minister/pastor.  He must be able to present God’s Word in a comprehensive fashion to a congregation of diverse ages.

Contact Person:

Raymond T Morton