Ministry Positions

Senior/Solo Pastor Positions

North Baptist Church

Corning NY

Posted 4/2/2019

We are an independent Baptist Church. We are concluding an Intentional Interim Process and now searching for a Senior Pastor.  North Baptist Church has worked through a five-stage process including conflict resolution, identity discovery and organizational restructure.

He shall fulfill the qualifications outlined in First Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-11. He shall demonstrate wholehearted commitment to Jesus Christ and to the Statement of Faith, Purpose, Mission, Biblical Core Values, Vision, Constitution and Bylaws and Operational Documents of North Baptist Church.

He must have a clear testimony of salvation and proven track record of Christian living as taught in First Timothy 3 and Titus 1. He must demonstrate the spiritual gifting, abilities and calling to effectively teach, preach, equip and lead the Church in serving the community and sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Contact Person:

Len Robinson


First Baptist Church

Morris NY

Posted 1/9/2019

We are a rural, small town Church of 42 members with an average attendance of 26. We have a well kept, historic building that was built in 1869 and is centrally located between Oneonta, Norwich, Sidney and Cooperstown, NY. The Church has had a continual presence and ministry in the community since it’s founding in 1793. Our Sanctuary can accommodate 175 – 200 people and the basement fellowship area can seat up to 100 people for dinners or Special Events.

We will work with a Biblical passion to develop a church that is spiritually alive, unified in the Spirit and  mobilized for ministry, that expresses love and sensitivity toward one another and our community, and is aggressive in local and world evangelism.

We are looking for an Ordainable or Ordained by a church of like faith, communicator, administrator, self-motivated, family man, with a degree in counseling and/or pastoral studies. We hope for someone with 5 years of experience but we are open to less. A bible college background is preferred with at least an undergraduate degree in a related field of ministry. We also prefer an encouraging mentor who is approachable and non-judgmental to our older congregation.

Contact Person:

Timothy Maricle

Trinity Baptist Church

Nashua, NH

Posted 1/2/2019

Trinity is a church that seeks to connect with people and help them connect with God through Jesus. We enjoy living the Christian life with grace and joy. We love to have people come who are seeking Jesus, who are hurting and who need help. We emphasize that we are a family, and place a high value on caring for one another. We enjoy meeting together to study the Bible. We are reaching out into the community through our food pantry, but can do a better job at reaching people in the community for Christ. We have a variety of age groups and demographics in our church, which gives us a nice spectrum of ages and stages of life.

We are looking for a candidate with a Masters of Divinity degree, is skilled at expositing the scriptures, can disciple and equip staff and lay leaders, and who will help the church reach deeper into the community, especially across cultures and age groups. We are looking for at least 5 years of ministry experience in a church setting.

We prefer a Transformational leadership style where vision is shared and developed collaboratively with the church family, so that all feel ownership of the mission and vision. One of the first things that the Senior Pastor will do is to work with the Elders to update the church’s vision. We are looking for a candidate who will systematically exposit the Scriptures. The most important thing, though, is to have solid biblical preaching.

More details can also be found at our pastoral search website:

Contact Person:

Jeff Minch


Cornerstone Baptist Church

East Durham NY

Posted 10/10/18

Our church motto is “Saved to Serve,” and this is what we hope to express to others and particularly to our local community. Our chuch family consists of approximately 55 individuals, many of which are children!  We are located in a small rural, predominately Irish/Catholic, community. We strive to have our church building doors open to all and have hosted several community events.  Our church family is friendly, warm, and welcoming and we have been told that this is the overall feeling that individuals have when visiting with us!

We are looking for a part-time pastor who is a born-again believer and a preacher of the fundamental doctrines of the Bible. He shall state his belief without mental reservations.  He must be an ordained or licensed Baptist minister/pastor.  He must be able to present God’s Word in a comprehensive fashion to a congregation of diverse ages.

Contact Person:

Raymond T Morton