Hail and Farewell

Over the past several months, CBAmerica Chaplaincy said “Farewell,” and thank you to several faithful servants of Christ completing long-term ministries.  Chaplain Jan Michael Nace retired back to local church ministry in New York State after 30 years of fruitful prison ministry in Canada and the USA.  Chaplain, Lt Col, David Beseler retired September 1, after 26 years in the Army Reserve and Air National Guard in Washington State, and an equal number of productive parallel ministry years with the Washington State Department of Corrections.  Chaplain (LTC) Bradley West retired from Active Duty Army the end of August with over 20 years of service.  His ceremony was held in the White Sands Missile Range Protestant Chapel, after which he moved to Central Oregon where he is pursuing further ministry in the local church.  I had the honor of attending the June 4 ceremony.  Chaplain Pat Kreitler completed 18 years of industrial and hospital chaplaincy in the NW.  She decided to retire and return to Maine following a lengthy and difficult recovery from an auto accident.  Pat wanted to depart in stealth, but I think it fitting to honor her service and invite your prayers for her further recovery and transition.  Let us give thanks for their 97 years of combined service!

In the same period, we said “Hail!” to five new individuals of our chaplaincy family.  Chaplain Beverly Hartz, is the new CPE Supervisor at the Puget Sound VA Medical Center in Seattle.  Rev. Mike Eubanks of Denver was endorsed for hospice/hospital ministry, Rev. Mike Lones of Illinois for hospital ministry, Rev. Kevin Brown for industrial chaplaincy in the NW, and Chaplain, 1st Lt Dan Wilton was commissioned into the Illinois Air National Guard.  Pray for these as they seek, begin, or continue ministry in their desired specialty and location.

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  1. I recently began a new ministry,
    by retiring from chaplaincy with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice for a Chaplain Residency at the VA in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia where the population is mostly retired or former military. Recently met here the former pastor of a church I was a part of in the early 1980’s while active duty Navy.

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