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Churches and the CARES Act – ChurchWest and Christianity Today’s Church Law & Tax hosted a free webinar on April 2, 2020, with renowned church legal and tax expert Richard R. Hammar. Hammar, an attorney and CPA, provided a helpful overview of the 900-page stimulus package, how it works, and the provisions churches and leaders should know to minister well to their congregations and communities.

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> Details of CARES Act: The Financial Bridge that Churches, Schools & Nonprofits Need

In the last 24 hours, our Vanderbloemen team has gotten clarity on the new application, information from the US Treasury, federal taxes exclusion, separation of church and state, and housing allowance. Join Sutton Turner (COO), William Vanderbloemen (CEO), and Holly Tate (VP of Business Development) at 1pm CDT.

Posted by Vanderbloemen on Friday, April 3, 2020

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Free Resources for Churches and Ministers During COVID-19
< Sustaining Your Church in the Midst and the Aftermath of a Global Crisis

Christian Leaders:

Coronavirus and the Church Multiple Resources from Billy Graham Center, Humanitarian Disaster Institute, & The Peace Plan

Leadership and the Coronavirus Crisis Podcast by Ed Stetzer
Preparing Your Church for Coronavirus from the Humanitarian Disaster Institute at Wheaton College
Responding to Highly Contagious Illnesses by Church Law & Tax
Crisis Leadership, Christian Leadership and the Coronavirus Epidemic by Carey Nieuwhof

Information is Beautiful graphic representation of Coronavirus data

Church Training & Resources:

COVID-19 Church Online Summit by the NAE 
Training & Checklists for Coronavirus by LifeWay Ministry Grid
Church Guide to Coronavirus by Outreach
Coronavirus and the church
How to Pivot to a Digital Strategy by Pushpay
Five Ways to Help Church Planters Prepare for COVID-19 by Daniel Yang
A Coronavirus Response Plan for Churches by Church Law & Tax

Taking Your Church Online:

Taking Church Online in a Coronavirus Age by Jay Kim
The Ultimate Coronavirus Guide for Churches by Church Marketing University
Stream This Sunday by NAMB
4 Critical Pointers for Preaching to a Camera in an Empty Room by Jesse Campbell

Streaming Platforms
Church Online Platform >
<<Video Blog for Church Online
Streaming on Facebook >

Online Giving
5 of the best online giving platforms >
Free giving platform from LifeWay >

Human Resources:

Work Remote Agreement >
Communication to Employees >
5 Virtual Tools for Telecommuting >
Remote Work Guidelines >

Medical Community Resources:
Coronavirus Disease 2019 vs. the Flu – Johns Hopkins
Coronavirus Disease 2019: Myth vs. Fact – Johns Hopkins
Cryptic transmission of novel coronavirus – Bedford Labs
Government Resources
CDC Guidelines for Faith-Based Organizations
CDC – Goals on Community Mitigation for Pandemic Influenza –
¡ Preparedness and response framework for novel influenza A virus
pandemics, with CDC intervals and World Health Organization
phases – graphic
¡ WHO Coronavirus Situation Dashboard
¡ WHO Coronavirus Main Page
¡ Psychology of a Crisis – CDC
¡ CDC Clean & Disinfect
Other Resources
¡ Best Practices Amidst Coronavirus Concerns