Contribute to Chaplaincy

Contribute to Chaplaincy


CBAmerica Chaplain Annual Membership Dues

Implementation date: 1 January 2016


Active Duty Military (AD)

O2-O3 – $540/yr ($45/mo)

O4-O5 – $720/yr ($60/mo)

O6-O7 – $900/yr ($75/mo)

Reserve Component Military (RC/NG)

O2-O3 – $120/yr ($10/mo)

O4-O5 – $180/yr ($15/mo)

O6-O7 – $240/yr ($20/mo)

Veterans Health Administration (VHA)

GS11    – $540/yr ($45/mo)

GS12   – $720/yr ($60/mo)

GS13   – $900/yr ($60/mo)

Hospital/Hospice/Nursing Home

<$50K – $240/yr ($20/mo)

>$50K – $360/yr ($30/mo)

Volunteer Chaplains 

Civil Air Patrol, Veterans Service Organizations, Motor Clubs, Self-funded or those who raise funds to serve (Missions Door, Campus, Hospice, etc.)

Annual Administration Fee: $25

Paid Civilian Chaplain (any other type)

<$50K – $240/yr ($20/mo)

>$50K – $360/yr ($30/mo)