Changes Happening at WorldVenture

headquarters1LITTLETON, Colo., June 20, 2016–The WorldVenture board of directors, at their meeting in April 2016, unanimously approved the following actions:

• To file with the IRS to terminate WorldVenture’s Defined Benefit Pension Plan (DBPP), and

• To authorize the sale of select WorldVenture properties, including the Littleton office property, to infuse proceeds into the DBPP distributions.

While these are challenging decisions with significant ramifications for our WorldVenture family, we remain confident that our sovereign God, who began a good work in WorldVenture, will carry it on to completion. And we are committed to co-laboring with Christ-followers to ensure that every community in the world has opportunities to become disciples of Jesus.

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  1. Three comments:
    I served on the CBA board, when the board began pulling away from our historic links with the home mission and the foreign mission. I spoke up, but should have done more. I am glad for the recent meeting.
    I am sorry that the World Venture property has to be put for sale.
    I love the CB movement. Once the fight with liberalism was won, CBs never found a new reason for existence

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