CBAmerica Board Appoints New President

At the Winter Meeting of the CBAmerica Board, January 29th and 30th held in Laguna Beach, CA, Dave Whitaker was appointed President of CBAmerica. He is taking on the newly defined position:

“In recognition of the covenantal commitment of CBA, the President shall serve the member networks, facilitating national vision, coordinating and managing the network of national resources and services; he shall be a part of the selection process for any new Executive Director of a member network; he shall facilitate the expansion of CBA into more networks.”

Church ministry is woven into the fabric of Dave’s life. A “preacher’s kid” born in Iowa, Dave grew up in the East San Francisco Bay Area town of Pleasanton. After receiving undergraduate and seminary degrees, Dave served seven years as an associate pastor of his home church in San Ramon, CA, then thirteen years as senior pastor of Heart to Heart Bible Church in Phoenix, AZ. During the years in Phoenix, Dave received his Doctor of Sacred Ministries degree from Northland International University. Dave’s burden to return to the Bay Area led him in 2004 to become the lead pastor of Morgan Hill Bible Church, serving also as a volunteer chaplain with the Morgan Hill Police Department.

For over eight years, Dave served as the Executive Director of Next Generation Churches in northern California, one of eight regions in CBAmerica. Along with serving on the various boards of CBAmerica, Dave serves also as Vice-Chairman of Western Seminary.

Dave & Lanette Whitaker

Dave and his wife, Lanette, have been married for 37 years. Their daughter Kaylan lives in Manhattan and son Jonathan and wife Carrie, and their first grandchild, Sylvia, live in Brooklyn, NY. Dave enjoys hanging out with family and friends, reading, playing golf and playing with his Apple gadgets. Even more, Dave loves communicating the Word and is passionate about seeing local churches and pastors flourishing in the gospel, connecting people into a vital relationship with Jesus Christ.

Dave will continue as the lead pastor of Morgan Hill Bible Church but will be handing off his role of director of Next Generation Ministries with the appointment of a new Regional Director.

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  1. My first time to talk with Dr Dave Whitaker was four years ago, over the phone, as a friend of Dr Gibert Vitaliz –former CBA of A President. Both of us have served as Presidents of CBAP, CBs in Philippines. We earned MDiv Degrees at Asian Theological Seminary. Also in Philippines.
    I requested an info from Next Gen CB Churches with opening re ministry placement. His Secretary assisted me. But I have not heard of any church that offers a ministry opportunity.
    It was my joy to meet Dr Dave Whitaker last Sunday 2/10/2019 at Living Word Christian Fellowship in San Jose. I am still praying to serve the Lord in one of the CB Churches. Maybe as a Volunteer. Needs help: Live-in Care-give job as a funding source. God willing.

  2. P.S.
    Dr David Whitaker gave a Challenge re “The soil of a Christian Heart” from Luke 8:1-15 to the Congregation of Living Word Christian Fellowship, 636 Giguere Ct., San Jose CA 95133. He also Charged from II Timothy 3:16-4:5 re “The Word” & Installed the three home grown Pastors: Andy Gines, Junjun Flores, & Joel Zulueta– Chairman & Lead Pastor. US Commander Chaplain Johnny Cometa was the official Witness. His wife Ningning & mine: Naomi were there, too. It was a historic event and a glorifying celebration. For the honor & glory of the Triune God.

  3. CONGRATULATIONS. As a retired CB Chaplain welcome to the role of leadership onto the next level. I will be praying for God’s discernment and wisdom to be your portion. CB needs a “clear and certain sound” more than ever [1 Corinthians 14:8]. We need a “thus saith the LORD” when necessary! Bless you in your new walk of faith.

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