SWCC Annual Leadership Retreat 2016


This year’s mid-summer retreat will be from July 27 – 29, at the beautiful Scottsdale Plaza Resort. With private rooms, refreshing pools, fine dining, and encouragement from God’s Word, the retreat promises to be a time of refreshment and encouragement for our pastors and wives, the entire church staff, elders and their spouses.

 We will begin our time together with an exclusive event for pastors and their wives – July 27th at 3:00 PM – July 28th at 12 noon. All church leadership/staff and spouses are invited to join the retreat July 28th at 3:00 PM – July 29th at 9:00 PM. THE REGISTRATION FEE COVERS THE EXCLUSIVE EVENT FOR PASTORS AND WIVES as well as the REMAINING RETREAT.

Please click HERE to register for the Retreat.

THIS REGISTRATION IS FOR THE CONFERENCE FEE ONLY. TO STAY AT THE SCOTTSDALE PLAZA, YOU MUST RESERVE YOUR ROOM WITH THEM. To reserve your room, call: Scottsdale Plaza Resort Reservations: 1.800.832.2025 and let them know you are reserving for this event.

3 Myths of the 501(c)(3)

A recent article in Church Executive was titled “3 myths of the 501(c)(3): When misunderstandings lead to misguidance”. The three myths discussed in the article are:

  • Misconception #1:      Obtaining 501(c)(3) approval means my church will be a ‘state controlled church’; therefore, the government can tell me what to preach.
  • Misconception #2:      Obtaining 501(c)(3) approval would subject my church to participate in activities it does not condone.
  • Misconception #3:      Obtaining 501(c)(3) approval is not required.

Each week CBAmerica is contacted by churches seeking verification of their 501(c)(3) status under the CBAmerica Group Exemption Number 1719. A church is covered by the CBAmerica Group Exemption if the church is in good standing with their region, has its own Employer Identification Number (EIN) and is included in the CBAmerica Database of active churches.

If you church desires a letter of verification of their coverage under CBAmerica’s Group Exemption for the current year please submit the following completed FORM.

The Pacific Church Network and Next Generation Churches are covered by their regions Group Exemption. Please contact your regional office to receive verification of your status under their Group Exemption.