Around the World in Eight and One Half Months!

Dan KlenderBy LCDR Dan Klender

In the last 8 months I have witnessed the Lord’s gracious handiwork as it has been my privilege to serve as the chaplain of the crew of the USS NORMANDY CG-60, (Cruiser class), on her historic around the world deployment. During our mission on this storied warship, I conducted over 100 worship services and Bible studies, taught an Old Testament Survey college course, witnessed the salvation of crew members, rededications to Christ, and much discipleship of our loving Lord.  We were able to conduct a baptism in Bahrain and spread the love of Jesus during COMRELS (Community Relation Projects), during Port Visits in Greece, Slovenia, Dubai, Bahrain and Singapore.


Around worldIt was as the Apostle Paul disclosed in 1 Corinthians 16:9, “An open door for effective service has been given us, but there are many adversaries.” In May, I returned to Washington State for a few weeks to comfort my family after my brother-in-law tragically took his own life.   While there, both my father-in-law and sister-in-law were called home to be with the Lord, after arduous battles with dementia and cancer respectively. We rejoice that they are with Jesus and no longer suffering!   We thank God that even in the midst of tragedy and loss our God is faithful!

LCDR Dan Klender Chaplain, US Navy USS Normandy

Final Meeting: We’re NOT going to apologize!

Mag Article

“On December 14, 2002, four Afghan teenage boys were accidentally killed and one seriously injured in the first live-fire exercise conducted with a battalion of the New Afghan Army. The unit was being trained by US Special Forces (The Green Beret). The incident occurred after a group of ten local schoolboys from the nearby village of Polycharky were chased from the area where the military exercise was to be held… Despite the heroics of the many medics on site and immediately called to the scene; by day’s end, four boys were dead and one seriously injured but expected to recover. Read more…


So, How’s That Working for You?

prisonChaplain Bill Brown, senior chaplain of the J.R. Donovan Correctional Facility in San Diego county shares an interesting story of life transformation through Jesus Christ.


“Jose was affiliated with the Mexican Mafia and had a life sentence in the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. After being validated as a member of the mafia he spent a number of years in the SHU (Segregated Housing Unit) i.e. solitary confinement, to ensure that he could no longer hurt other inmates.

After many years in the SHU he came to realize the futility of his chosen life style, and he met Jesus as his savior. After much soul searching he decided to drop out of the Mafia, and he was released from the SHU.

In a facility with other inmates, and able to go to chapel services and programs, he grew in his faith and began to have a witness to other inmates. During his free time, he would go out onto the exercise yard and share Jesus with other inmates and give them a gospel track.

One day, after praying for the Holy Spirit to guide and use him, he went outside and looked around. He saw a man by himself, and it seemed like the Holy Spirit said to share with him. So, he went up to him, smiled and held out the track, saying, “I’d like to give you this track.”

The response was a grunt, followed by a question: “What’s that?” He replied, “It’s a track that tells about Jesus.” The man grunted again and said, “I’m a Satanist,” and Jose replied immediately, “So, how’s that working for you?”

The man responded, “What do you mean?” And, Jose replied, “Jesus died for my sins, and gave me forgiveness, he gave me a new life, he restored my relationships with my sister, my mom and my dad, and he has given me a reason for living and a hope for the future. What has Satan done for you?”

The inmate just stared at Jose, and Jose handed him the track and said, “We have a great pastor and awesome worship services. We would love to have you come and join us.”

Chaplain Brown doesn’t know what happened to the self-confessed Satanist, but he does know that a man sentenced to life in prison has already begun to experience “eternal life” here in prison!


If you sense God’s leading into prison ministries, at the local, country, state or federal systems, you will need training and endorsement.  Contact Andy Meverden, CBAmerica’s Director of Chaplaincy for information and guidance on how you might pursue your calling.



Chaplain Andy Meverden
Director of Chaplaincy