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We seek to empower healthy churches to develop leaders and plant more churches in fulfilling the Great Commission. (more…)

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We strive to empower churches to fulfill the Great Commission, giving them tools for leadership development, church health and church multiplication. (more…)

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We have eight regional ministries in the United States. Find regional contact information here. (more…)

Our Chaplains are changing lives and bringing people to Christ all over the world. (more…)


Across America, and around the world, CBAmerica chaplains have ministered on every continent, on every ocean, and in every time zone,  in a wide variety of ministries, Federal, State, and Local. Our chaplains serve in all branches of the US Military, (Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, & Coast Guard) and its components (Active, Guard, Reserve & Auxiliary); plus the Federal Bureau of Prisons and the Veterans Health Administration. Others serve in civilian chaplaincies; in hospital, hospice, corrections, law enforcement, fire, motor sports, Veteran, and Wounded Warrior settings.

Rev. Andy Meverden, Director of Chaplaincy
3686 Stagecoach Rd Unit F
Longmont, CO 80504