Christian Life in an Equal Marriage World

That was the topic of a workshop led by Dr. Gerry Breshears, professor of theology (Western Seminary, Portland, Oregon) at the NWCB Men’s Roundup at Camp Tadmor, Oregon Sep. 11-13. Gerry urged attendees; pastors, chaplains, elders, and laymen, to use positive statements when discussing marriage in today’s world; because negative statements only inspire defensiveness which prevents meaningful dialogue. His definition: … Read More

Redeployed, Not Retired!

It has been a challenge making contact with all of our CBAmerica chaplains during my first six months on the job.  One chaplain I almost gave up on was Rev. Donald Lyon.  Finally, I got him on the phone, verified his contact info, and when I asked about his ministry, I couldn’t take notes fast enough.  So I asked Don … Read More

When Heaven Comes Down

A report from Chaplain David Kuntz illustrates the Kingdom impact of his ministry and the ministry of the other 37 CB hospital and hospice chaplains across America. From David’s report: “Heaven can be sometimes present and future. As I walk along life’s pathway with Emanuel – God with us, I am reminded that I am already in touch with the essence of … Read More


By Steve Engram, SWCC Regional Executive Worship. Is there a word that evokes more emotion and division in the church today than this word? The term “worship wars” did not come out of a vacuum, but it came out of a reality that a lot of churches have experienced. For some churches, that battle is a distant memory and they … Read More

Online Training for Short-Term Missions

Recent studies have encouraged churches and ministries to scale back on their short-term mission endeavors.  Some root causes for this concern are a lack of training and spiritual formation in those who serve as well as the long-term effectiveness of the field.  Previous studies reveal that less than 20 percent of short-termers are effectively trained in the pre-field, on-field and … Read More

Welcome Relief: Clergy Housing Allowance Upheld

The clergy housing allowance is safe for now. Last week, the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals reversed a Wisconsin federal district court, which struck down the venerable clergy housing allowance. As a result of the Seventh Circuit’s decision, clergypersons who serve churches, synagogues, mosques, and other worshipping groups, may continue to exempt certain parts of their compensation from federal income … Read More


Brian Howard, Church Multiplication 2014 was a great year for Church Planting in Pacific Church Network! We have now planted seven new churches since the beginning of 2013.         Mission 316, San Marcos Seed, Ventura Redemption Hill Uptown, Whittier Soma, Santa Clarita Citylights, Fountain Valley Tradewind Communities, Kailua, Hawaii Redemption Hill La Habra, La Habra   Not only … Read More

Miki West Memorial Service

Miki West, a long time friend of Southwest Church and fellow worker in the Lord, has gone home to glory. Miki was a former CB pastor at Calvary Baptist Church in Silver City, NM and Bible Baptist Church in Phoenix.  He also served as Chaplain for the VA hospital here in Phoenix. Services are scheduled below.  The family would like … Read More