Strategic Ministry to Department of the Army Civilians

By Chaplain (Captain) Daniel Werho 52d Signal Battalion Civilian Marriage Enrichment Training From 9 to 11 September 2016, the 52d Strategic Signal Battalion Unit Ministry Team (UMT), stationed out of Stuttgart, Germany, hosted 14 Department of the Army Civilian Couples for a weekend marriage enrichment training at the Edelweiss Lodge and Resort in Garmisch, Germany. The event was the first … Read More

Weekly Leader Devotional – Follow me!

LT Roy L. Fondren Jr., CHC, USN Staff Chaplain NAS Whiting Field Milton, FL 32570   Good Morning Leaders! I TRULY enjoy the whole of my dutiful Calling here and yet one of the tasks that really excites me is the monthly Instructor Ethics Brief! It’s the time in which I present the rhyme and reason for the “Center of … Read More

Just the Right Size

By Chaplain Bob Ishkanian I serve the inmates as a CBAmerica Chaplain in a Florida prison. I am also a Gideon. I decided that I would do a Gideon Scripture distribution to all 1200 inmates. When they came out of the chow hall for lunch, I asked each one personally if they would like a copy of God’s word. About … Read More

Looking for Room 372

By Chaplain Gordon Ruddick It was a Sunday morning. A work day. I don’t usually work on the weekends, anymore, but this was one of those days. I had two hospitals to cover, about six miles apart. The one is big, bustling, and beautiful. I spend most of my time there. The other is cared for by equally committed caregivers … Read More

No Place Else to Rest

By Chaplain John Hatfield Rhode Island Army National Guard Acts 14:22: “Confirming the souls of the disciples, and exhorting them to continue in the faith, and that we must through much tribulation enter into the kingdom of God.” As Paul traveled throughout the Mediterranean preaching the gospel, he also was blessed to “confirm” or strengthen the many brothers and sisters … Read More

CB Northwest Men’s Roundup

September 9-11, 2016 at Camp Tadmor Men’s Roundup is a Christian men’s conference and camping retreat held in a forested mountaintop setting at Camp Tadmor where men are challenged to believe, obey, connect and lead. Roundup features an inspiring and challenging primary speaker, well-known guest artists and musicians, biblical teachers leading life challenging action workshop breakout sessions, great food and … Read More

One Bad Dude!

  “My name is Bob Ishkanian. I am presently a CBAmerica Chaplain serving the inmates at Charlotte Correctional Institution in Punta Gorda, Florida. This is a maximum security level prison and we have some ‘bad dudes’ here. Many of the men here are in for life. I have been working with one of the worst of the worst. This fellow, … Read More

Palm Sunday in a Military Prison

“Inmates continue to realize their need to become more devoted followers of Jesus Christ. I baptized five inmates during our Palm Sunday Protestant Service on 20 March 2016. I have baptized a total of 29 inmates in the past nine months at the USDB (US Disciplinary Barracks).” So reports CBAmerica endorsed Chaplain, Lieutenant Colonel, Mark Mitera, Director of Pastoral Care, … Read More

A Long Time Coming: Journey of Pastor/Chaplain

A Long Time Coming: Chaplaincy Journey of Pastor/Chaplain David Kuntz A Portuguese proverb says: “God writes straight through crooked lines.”  It describes the ministry experience of CBAmerica chaplain, David Kuntz.  As a young man, David observed the skilled, compassionate care rendered by a retired military chaplain at his Veteran grandfather’s graveside military burial honors.  It was there he saw himself … Read More

Book By CBAmerica Chaplain

CBAmerica Chaplain Dr. Bob Hicks New Book: Few Call It War: Religious Terrorism: Then and Now   “Our political establishment is blind to religion as a significant player in our world today. Blinded by secularism and political correctness they have backed themselves into an ideological corner whereby they refuse to call religious terrorism what it is… war!” Former USAF Chief … Read More