A Long Time Coming: Journey of Pastor/Chaplain

A Long Time Coming: Chaplaincy Journey of Pastor/Chaplain David Kuntz A Portuguese proverb says: “God writes straight through crooked lines.”  It describes the ministry experience of CBAmerica chaplain, David Kuntz.  As a young man, David observed the skilled, compassionate care rendered by a retired military chaplain at his Veteran grandfather’s graveside military burial honors.  It was there he saw himself … Read More

Book By CBAmerica Chaplain

CBAmerica Chaplain Dr. Bob Hicks New Book: Few Call It War: Religious Terrorism: Then and Now   “Our political establishment is blind to religion as a significant player in our world today. Blinded by secularism and political correctness they have backed themselves into an ideological corner whereby they refuse to call religious terrorism what it is… war!” Former USAF Chief … Read More

Never Volunteer…Unless the Spirit Leads You!

Chaplain Brian Hargis is unique.  A former pastor from West Virginia, Green Beret sergeant, missionary to the Philippines, and law enforcement chaplain, he enjoys adrenaline-pumping activities.  In between jumping out of perfectly good airplanes, riding dirt bikes, and teaching military combatives (hand-to-hand combat), he takes every opportunity he can find to share the Gospel and minister to people in need. … Read More