Around the World in Eight and One Half Months!

By LCDR Dan Klender In the last 8 months I have witnessed the Lord’s gracious handiwork as it has been my privilege to serve as the chaplain of the crew of the USS NORMANDY CG-60, (Cruiser class), on her historic around the world deployment. During our mission on this storied warship, I conducted over 100 worship services and Bible studies, … Read More

Final Meeting: We’re NOT going to apologize!

“On December 14, 2002, four Afghan teenage boys were accidentally killed and one seriously injured in the first live-fire exercise conducted with a battalion of the New Afghan Army. The unit was being trained by US Special Forces (The Green Beret). The incident occurred after a group of ten local schoolboys from the nearby village of Polycharky were chased from … Read More

So, How’s That Working for You?

Chaplain Bill Brown, senior chaplain of the J.R. Donovan Correctional Facility in San Diego county shares an interesting story of life transformation through Jesus Christ.   “Jose was affiliated with the Mexican Mafia and had a life sentence in the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. After being validated as a member of the mafia he spent a number of … Read More