I Have Controls!

Navy Chaplain, Roy Fondren, is currently assigned to the Naval Flight Training facility at Naval Air Station, Whiting Field.  To enable him to identify with both flight students and instructor pilots, he’s been placed in “Student Pilot” status.  Though fun and exciting, pilot training has its risky “moments.”  Following is a weekly devotional that comes out of one Roy’s recent … Read More

Holy Smoke, Batman!

Greetings, from Bahrain! Well, we have completed our first month of deployment here in Bahrain. For me it has been a slow start since I have to wait to learn the rhythm of the Squadron before I can adjust to serve the Marines and Sailors effectively and efficiently. We have been busy though setting up our office spaces and implementing … Read More

Ministering to Suffering Children and Parents

One of the most difficult things for adults to endure is the suffering of children.  Over the years, while standing at bedside, I have heard many parents exclaim through tears, “If only I could take my child’s pain, I would.  I can’t bear to watch her suffering so.”   Chaplain David Kuntz’ daily ministry involves the suffering of children and their … Read More

Veterans Day, Every Day: Visiting Colorado State Veterans Homes

By Chaplain, (Colonel) Andy Meverden, US Army, Retired* October 22, 2015 Once a month, my wife and I help out with Bingo at the Colorado State Veterans Home on the old Fitzsimmons Army Medical Center grounds.  The once imposing multi-story, stone, Fitzsimmons Army Hospital is now dwarfed by the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Center, Children’s Hospital, the infamous over-budget … Read More