Old Chaplains Don’t Die…They Just Redeploy Into Harm’s Way!

In the military, it’s common for deploying service members not to be able to disclose their intended destinations.  But when retired US Air Force Chaplain Bob Hicks told me he was heading into a combat zone, I became a bit concerned.  He told me what he could, and then asked me not to say anything until he returned and could write … Read More

Hail and Farewell

Over the past several months, CBAmerica Chaplaincy said “Farewell,” and thank you to several faithful servants of Christ completing long-term ministries.  Chaplain Jan Michael Nace retired back to local church ministry in New York State after 30 years of fruitful prison ministry in Canada and the USA.  Chaplain, Lt Col, David Beseler retired September 1, after 26 years in the … Read More

Christian Life in an Equal Marriage World

That was the topic of a workshop led by Dr. Gerry Breshears, professor of theology (Western Seminary, Portland, Oregon) at the NWCB Men’s Roundup at Camp Tadmor, Oregon Sep. 11-13. Gerry urged attendees; pastors, chaplains, elders, and laymen, to use positive statements when discussing marriage in today’s world; because negative statements only inspire defensiveness which prevents meaningful dialogue. His definition: … Read More

Building Disciples: Essential in a Small Church and a Large Church

Meet two churches different in many ways: First Baptist Church of Tuba City, a little over a hundred in average attendance, mainly Native Americans ministering to Native Americans and Palm Valley Church (two campuses in Goodyear and Buckeye), about 4,000 in attendance, primarily younger and a somewhat racially diverse generation ministering to a primarily younger and diverse generation. Despite their … Read More