Redeployed, Not Retired!

It has been a challenge making contact with all of our CBAmerica chaplains during my first six months on the job.  One chaplain I almost gave up on was Rev. Donald Lyon.  Finally, I got him on the phone, verified his contact info, and when I asked about his ministry, I couldn’t take notes fast enough.  So I asked Don … Read More

The Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

By Andy Merverden, Director of Chaplaincy I wanted to update you on info I gleaned from the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) conference my wife, Myra, and I attended last week in Southern California. The June 26 decision of the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) on same-sex marriage was expected by some, but a disappointment to many.  I was personally discouraged and at a … Read More

Thanks For The Great Years!

Jeremiah 29: 11 tells us that God has a great plan for our lives, one that gives us hope and a future. This has been my life verse for the last 51 years. There is a popular TV show called “Dirty Jobs.” There should be one called “Greatest Jobs.” I would be the first to send in a resume telling … Read More

Crusty Senior Sergeant Turns Civil Air Patrol Chaplain

CBAmerica has an astonishingly wide breadth of chaplains.  Some from unsuspecting backgrounds.  Chaplain, Lt. Col. David Poland’s story is quite amazing.  After leaving the US Army sooner than planned, this self-admitted “crusty NCO” picked up his rucksack and continued to follow Jesus in a whole other direction.   Read how God led Sergeant First Class Poland into a fruitful ministry career. … Read More

When Heaven Comes Down

A report from Chaplain David Kuntz illustrates the Kingdom impact of his ministry and the ministry of the other 37 CB hospital and hospice chaplains across America. From David’s report: “Heaven can be sometimes present and future. As I walk along life’s pathway with Emanuel – God with us, I am reminded that I am already in touch with the essence of … Read More